Housing Market Recovery, Delayed?

It is been reported that over thirty percent of residential properties having a mortgage have been in negative equity, definitely an excellent indication the home market continues to be in trouble. An anticipated result of that is that bank foreclosures will grow, A remedy which has been lately suggested by state attorneys general and national…


First Time Buyers Advice on Their First Mortgage

Whether you are one of the chosen few who has money to spare in this volatile world economy, or you were strangely left unaffected by the economic recession that plagued the entire Western economic bloc, if you have the money to buy a home, take this first time mortgage buyers advice, consider yourself lucky and…


Your Average Mortgage Payment

According to a study done by Lending, the average mortgage payment in America in 2011based on the average home price of $222,261 for a thirty year term at four percent is $1061. Hawaiians pay the most with an average mortgage of over $3000 per month while the folks in Mississippi pay on average about…

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